Best 4WD Accessories You Must Have in 2022


If you’re a fan of outdoor adventuring, camping and heading off road, no doubt you’ll be wondering what the best 4WD accessories are and whether you’ll need them.

At Dunn and Watson, we stock the widest range of hardware, spare parts and accessories to ensure your next trip is one to remember for all the best reasons. To help you find what you need, we’ve curated the 4WD essentials in one handy list.

Understanding 4WDs

What is a 4×4?

Four-wheel-drives–also commonly referred to by the abbreviated 4×4 or 4WD– is a vehicle containing two axles with driving capability based on torque provision to all four wheels simultaneously. 

Some 4WD vehicles have a specific mode to engage for off-road four wheel driving, while others offer it on demand only. Some of the more sophisticated 4WDs have additional gear ranges as well to ensure you and your vehicle can traverse the greatest range of terrain. You can find out more about four-wheel-drives here.

What are the top 4WDs to buy?

While the right 4WD will depend a lot on your preferences and intentions, not to mention budget, some of the most popular models in Australia include:

  • Jeep Wranglers
  • Range Rovers
  • Subaru Outbacks
  • Toyota Land Cruisers
  • Isuzu MU-X

When to use a 4WD?

Knowing when to use a 4WD or engage in four-wheel driving is important. It could make the difference between seeing you bogged and stuck, and ensuring your adventure runs as smoothly as possible.

For some enthusiasts, four-wheel-drive is a mode to engage anytime you leave paved or bitumen roads. Whether it’s a simple dirt track or more rugged terrain, the 4×4 driving will help keep you moving safely and effectively. If you’re not confident about how and when to use 4WD, we recommend completing a course or undertaking some other training. 

The Best 4WD Accessories

There can be a lot to consider when it comes to heading out on an off-road drive. The best 4WD accessories will ensure more than just comfort, but safety as well! Remember, that while Dunn and Watson have industry leading competitive prices to boot, it’s always worth investing in high quality gear that’s reliable and functional. So what are the accessories you need before venturing out in your 4×4?

Canopy Roof Top Tent

A canopy roof top tent is a 4WD essential for both the casual and enthusiastic camper. These convenient accessories allow for super easy and simple camping. Designed to be lightweight and thus easy to fold away and set up, they’re still super strong and provide wind and water resistance. As part of your 4WD fit-out, a canopy roof tent can ensure you’re ready to hit the sack in minutes wherever you are.

4WD Clip On Table

We’ve included a 4WD clip on table as one of the best 4×4 accessories to invest in because it’s an elegant, simple and affordable product that will really make your adventure that much more convenient. Simply clip on this surface area extension to your cargo drawer or vehicle canopy and you’ll enjoy extra working space whether you’re conducting repairs or preparing for dinner. With a number of features including tea towel and rubbish bag rails and hooks, and even a bottle opener, it’s a small but essential accessory. 

Canopy Power Boards

There’s no two ways about it: A canopy power board is among the most must-have of 4×4 accessories. Head off road with confidence and security knowing that your electrical products–from fridge to lighting–will have a reliable source of power. Easy to install and simple to charge, the canopy power boards from Dunn and Watson are suitable for a range of applications. No comprehensive 4×4 fitout is complete without a quality power board!

4WD Snorkels

Water, dust, grime, mud, your four-wheel-drive is probably going to be exposed to a lot during the course of your adventure. To ensure that the engine receives clean and uncontaminated air–and that your trip isn’t cut short–make sure to invest in a 4WD snorkel. These snorkels are designed to enhance both the performance and the efficiency of your engine, and come with all the fittings, hardware and installation instructions required. Plus, when you purchase this must have 4WD accessory from Dunn and Watson, you’ll be benefiting from an Australian made product designed for Australian conditions. 

Enerdrive Adventurer 4WD Canopy System

The Enerdrive Adventurer 4WD canopy system is designed specifically to provide a comprehensive yet compact power solution. With one simple system to run your entire mobile power station, this essential 4WD addition can be modified and installed in just about any vehicular application. There are a range of system options available depending on your needs, so if you’re not sure which one is right for you make sure to reach out to our team today.

Drawers and Drawer Slides

If there’s one thing you can’t have enough of in your 4×4 it’s storage. 4WD and ute drawers, with accompanying drawer slides for easy accessibility, are unquestionably essential 4WD accessories. Apart from keeping your equipment safe, secure and organised, having a set of drawers mounted in your vehicle or canopy will allow you to access what you need when you need it. It’s all about saving time and saving hassle, as well as space!

Water Tank

Every Australian adventurer knows that having a reliable and plentiful source of drinking water can sometimes be the difference between disaster and adventure. A compact yet incredibly sized water tank will ensure you can safely store water on your ute’s tray, in your canopy or installed directly in a four-wheel-drive. This essential 4×4 add-on will give you peace of mind that wherever you go, you’ll have access to clean water.

Slide Out Tray

Whether you opt for a custom fabricated slide out tray or even just our standard model, this simple yet popular product certainly deserves to be on a list of must have 4×4 accessories. Easy to pack away and simple to access, the meticulously designed tray allows you to pull out whatever drawers, fridges or items are stored on top of it with minimal effort. It’s a practical and essential addition every 4WD enthusiast should have.

Find the best 4WD accessories right here at Dunn and Watson

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